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Wilson peeWee Tennis for 4-7 year olds peeweejnr

Each child enrolled in the peeWee program
will receive a FREE racquet


Available times
Day Time
Tuesday 4:00pm / 4:30pm
Wednesday 4:00pm / 4:30pm
Thursday 4:00pm / 4:30pm

peeWee Tennis is a comprehensive program designed to introduce children 4 - 7 years to tennis in a fun and rewarding way. By matching the game to their size and athletic ability, peeWee tennis lets children enjoy tennis from their first lesson. 

The basic concept of peeWee tennis - scaled down nets (allowing the children to see over the net and not through it), small courts and 21" racquets - adapt the elements and equipment of the sport to fit the needs of the children. 

peeWee tennis racquets are 21” long with a small grip size for small hands. Its midsize head and light weight allowing children to manoeuvre the racquet with good control. 

The tennis balls are low compression which means they bounce lower, move slower, allowing more time for the children to get to the ball and require less strength to hit .


peeWee is a fantastic program for developing
general physical skills and hand eye co-ordination.

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